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The Passive Personality

I hate confrontation! But I don’t consider myself as passive. However, this great post by Cranston Holden opened my eyes toward passive personality and its characteristics! I just wonder how can a person with passive personality improve?

How Leaders Manage


Being humble is one thing but to be passive is something totally different.  The passive personality has the complete opposite attributes as an aggressive personality.  As an aggressive personality loves confrontation, the passive person absolutely HATES it.  The passive person will go to great links to avoid it.  They are the type of person who breaks up with someone with a text message and goes over critical information via email instead of doing it face to face.

This makes it very difficult for the people in this person’s life, especially the one who is responsible for leading and/or managing this person.  A passive person will never answer a question directly because they fear their words will be used against them at a later time.    If you attempt to confront this type of person on their behavior they have a tendency of shutting down.  I’ve even seen them become overwhelmed enough…

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