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Un semn … a Sign of End Times?

Din principiu, evit polemici escatologice. Acum însă, nu m-am putut abține. Prezentarea unui eveniment cosmic vizibil doar pe teritoriul Statelor Unite ca un semn universal pentru apropierea iminentă a Sfârșitului istoriei demonstrează o lipsă crasă de inteligență teologică. Să nu mă înțelegeți greșit, și eu, ca atâția alți creștini sinceri, cred în iminenta revenire a Domnului Isus Christos. Dar nu cred că e sănătos să ne hazardăm în interpretări alarmiste a unor fenomene care, cu siguranță, își au locul în calendarul Divin. Învățatura Scripturii însă este foarte clară: Vegheați și Fiți Gata! De celelalte lucruri se ocupă Creatorul!

Here Comes the First of the “Blood Moon Tetrad”—a Remarkable Four Blood Moons in 2 Years… a Sign of End Times?

“The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day.” –Acts 2:20

blood moonIt’s undeniable; something very special—and rare—is about to happen in the sky. (Photo by Fred Espenak via

According to NASA and other astronomers, the full moon of April 14-15th will kick off a celestial phenomenon known as a “tetrad” of blood-red moons.

It’s remarkable enough to anyone viewing a lunar eclipse as it is turned coppery-red from the “dispersed light from all the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets [at once].”

However, this time there will be four of them, each one 6 months apart.

They say a tetrad of blood moons is rare, but even more significant, for Bible Believers especially, is the fact that each one will occur during two major Jewish Feast times in both years: Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

blood moonAccording to a Red Orbitreport, each blood moon will be visible to all of North America. (Graphic by Red Orbit)

Another interesting fact to consider is what the Earth looks like from the position of the moon during one of these times.

What you’d see is the Earth coming between the sun and moon, eclipsing it. It would form a ring appearing like red fire all around the Earth.

Watch a video about the coming tetrad of blood moons by Clicking Here.

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